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TR90 Weight Management


The ageLoc TR90 is a brand new weight management product from NUSKIN that is not currently on the market yet.  NUSKIN anticipates to have this product limited available on October 15, 2013.  According to this production information from NUSKIN, this product was developed as a result of the studying of the linkage between gene expression, body shape and body weight.  The ageLoc TR90 weight management system is designed to promote lean muscle through nutrition uptake and loosing fat that will result in loosing weight.  Base on the TR90 product information, there’s a comparison between traditional diet and the new TR90 that can be seen below:

“When consumed in excess, eating refined carbohydrates and dietary fat can produce fat storing effects in your body, while protein has “fat burning” effects. Unfortunately, traditional diets usually reduce the intake of these macronutrients equally, reducing your protein intake to suboptimal levels. Another problem is that most people consume the majority of their protein at dinner, minimizing lean muscle maintenance and metabolic burn potential, leaving them in the fat storing zone, rather than the fat burning zone, for the majority of the day. In short, following traditional diets frequently contributes to fat storage and consistently leads to the loss of lean muscle, which can slow your metabolic burn—a counterproductive downward spiral.”

This comparison can also be seen graphically below:

As the most basic point of weight management is eating.  The TR90 weight loss product aims at the Eating Plan that will help balancing between “burning food”, “storing food”, and “coloring food”.  Below is the TR90 Eating Plan:

By following this eating plan and taking the TR90 weight management supplements, users can achieve their desired weight within 90 days.  As NUSKIN guarantee, users can also contact them for refund if users follow the product instruction and still not loosing their weight.  Click on this link for the NUSKIN weight management product guarantee and requirements to qualify for refund from NUSKIN.

Below is the TR90 Weight Management Package Contents:

I also found a clip about the discussion of gene expression from two of NUSKIN scientist.  See below:


I found additional information about this product today.  My first finding is about the studying of TR90 weight loss product by Utah State University.  From the studying page posted on Utah State University, they have enough female candidates for this studying, and they’re looking for male participants at this time.  Follow this URL to see the page for TR90 studying  My second finding is the registration for the TR90 product with the U.S health for their product.  With these additional information, TR90 weight loss product is a product that helps consumers to have a healthy weight loss.

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8 Responses to TR90 Weight Management

  • Jess Lam says:

    My main concern is this~ since it’s tempering with the genes, will it have any bad side effects on our body? I read somewhere that genetically modified food can cause cancer. Hope u can enlighten me on this issue as I’ve been struggling as to whether i should consume the TR90 product because of this. I couldn’t trust my Nuskin agent to give me a proper n accurate answer.

  • hhas4pnt says:


    The TR90 product is a new product from Nuskin which was studied in North America other than the U.S. As my understanding after going through the TR90 product’s information, the TR90 is the product of an extended studying on genetic expression about human weight. This study involved the studying of fat (adipose) also a studying on how muscle mass was built and maintain by our body. Therefore, taking the TR90 weight management, users will be introduced to an eating regiment beside taking supplements to help maintaining weight. The TR90 won’t temper with your weight genes or anything, the only thing with weight management product is commitment and discipline from users to follow their weight management daily schedule. Without commitment and discipline, you’ll waste money on weight management. Further more, you can google for gene expression on weight loss and you will find some study on this matter and posted on National Institute of Health (
    Good luck with weight management.

  • Charlie says:

    If i buy the whole TR90 programme, does it include all TR90 jumpstart,fit and trim shake? Does the R2 pills come together?

    Can i know how do i consume this TR90 programme? I have R2 pills and shake. According to the packaging it says 6 capsules of R2 in the morning after breakfast, 2 in the evening(night). But do i take it before or after meal in the evening? or before i go to bed? and the shake, should i treat it as my ‘breakfast’ then take the R2 pills? or i can drink it whenever i don feel like eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, either one meal of the day?

    • hhas4pnt says:


      When you decided to get the TR90 Weight Management from Nuskin executive, you should receive the whole package as it’s described on the nuskin website. Because the TR90 Weight Management package can be refundable if consumer(s) follow the product usage instruction, therefore taking this product as described in the user guide is recommended. Whoever you decided to get your TR90 product, then that person should provide you the whole package which also includes the user guide, and chart that helps you to record your daily usage schedule. Good luck on your weight management.

  • Carol Leung says:

    I”m very interested to TR90,hope can choose n buy the product,where can i mail this product? Pls reply asap,tks very much!! ^^

  • Carol Leung says:

    I’m very interested to TR90,hope can choose n buy the product,where can i mail this product? Pls
    reply asap.
    Thank you very much

    • hhas4pnt says:


      I don’t think the TR90 is currently available yet and it can only be distributed by executive distributor only.
      Any executive distributor in Hong Kong. Please response to Carol’s request via email:


  • Lynn says:


    I’m in Singapore and have a spare set to sell. (I accidentally ordered extras) and jst start my program for about a week.

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